Do You Care About Yourself?

What do you do when you need a break? when you need to create space for yourself? What do you do mentally and physically to create this?

What do you do simply because you enjoy it? What feels good to you?  What would you rather be doing right now?

What is going to make you feel comfortable in your body right now?  What will happen if you let the pressure to perform off yourself for just a half hour?

Here’s what 5 friends of mine had to share about how they take care of themselves….


Hey Travis,


For me slowing down is one of the most helpful things I do for myself.  Not over booking my days with things and giving myself about 2 to 3 times as much time to do something as what it would normally take.  Reminding myself that there is nothing out there in the next moment that is more valuable than this moment, including the most simple and mundane tasks such as routine household chores.  Taking my time, staying in my body and just being with whatever is taking place in my beloved life.


Grace Addington



Hi Travis,

 Thanks for this opportunity to formulate some means of loving self-attention.  The more I give others a break, the more I give myself a break…simple ways…all the time.  I’ve committed to my right to be relaxed all the time, including when I am very active.

Am I warm, tired, hungry, thirsty, lonely? Do I need a little touch? Do I need to move? Do I ache? Do I need to heal?
Doing the little thing right in front of me…taking the first step for myself now and being willing to ask for and receive support works for me.

Am I anxious or worried? What would I advise my daughter to do?

 Home-made chicken soup, apple-cider vinegar & honey in hot water, doing nothing, jokes, laughing out loud, warm bath, gratitude, flowers, a little disinterested service – all are on my list of home remedies.

 Here or not…a simple switch…yes or no without beating myself up is the best first step for anything. Sense of perspective.

 Best, Charles.


Hey there Travis,

My favorite self care thing to do  is to take a hot luxurious bath.  I mean a real bath with the intention of reading a book/magazine or playing sudoku, and yes I’ll even meditate in the soothing water. It’s calming and relaxing.  I put in salts or essential oils. Turn down the lights and enjoy. I’ve  let  my husband know if you need to tell me something upsetting regard life, please  let me get the water running first.  During particular stressful times in my life, I’ve been known to take 3 baths a days. Sure beats drugs, alcohol and prescription meds.

Jeniece Fridell RN


Hey Travis,

To take care of myself I find the most helpful thing to remember to do is to ask myself what I need. Often it is simply to just be there, with myself wherever and however I am. Something that is helpful in this is to have time and space in my day that isn’t scheduled or filled up with doing things. I tend to naturally check in during these times, see where my thoughts are, and how my body feels. Even just taking a 5 or 10 minute break from work or whatever, and leaving the building, being outside, creating physical space from whatever I’m involved in allows me perspective and consideration for myself.

Another thing that comes up a lot when I have space and time to myself is the desire to connect with a friend. One of the most caring things I do for myself is to reach out- call, text, anything!- when I feel the desire to. Just asking for connection feels tremendously supportive.

Love, Jess



Hi, Travis.

The most important thing I do for my own self-care is be kind to myself when critical or judgmental thoughts come up.  My intention is to treat myself as I would someone I love.  Sometimes the pain of the self-criticism is enough to remind me to bring in kindness toward myself. I also spend time with close friends; we talk about life and other topics of interest, as well as offer each other emotional/spiritual support when that’s what is needed.  And I attend meditation groups and other satsang types of gatherings.

Other, more outward self-care includes monthly therapeutic massage and other body treatments, as well as taking in beauty – music, art, books, whatever form it comes in. Movies, TV, etc., also provide relaxation and enjoyment. I consider all of those things self-care.