Acupuncture Explained

Much like rivers and streams provide essential nourishment to the surrounding lands, the healing energy that travels through the acupuncture channels provides vital energy to the whole body. When these channels become blocked due to imbalances in diet, lifestyle, or emotion, many physical and mental-emotional symptoms may arise. By using acupuncture needles to clear blockages in these pathways an acupuncturist works to return the patient to a state of healthy, pain-free function.

Tiny, hair-thin needles are inserted just below the skin at key acupuncture points. This process is nearly painless. Sometimes there is a momentary sharpness or dull ache around the needle.  This is usually mild and disperses quickly.


Improves blood circulation to speed healing
-Supports the release of old patterns and encourages personal growth
-Aids assimilation of nutrients and digestion/elimination
-Accelerates metabolism, weight loss, and makes sleep more efficient
-Bolsters the immune system by reducing cortisol, a known inhibitor of cytokine production
-Opens arteries allowing greater brain-based microcirculation
-Enhances mental acuity, focus, and concentration
-Helps us to calm down, relax and live a more peaceful life by resetting the flight or flight mechanism

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